Even commercials are more tolerable when you’re relaxing in the plush comfort of this six-piece sectional seating group. You’ll love the luxury of its two power recliners on each end that feature power headrests. Between those, you’ll find an armless recliner, an armless chair with a drop down table, a corner wedge and a multifunctional storage console with cupholders.

This model can be operated cord-free and placed anywhere in the room without proximity to an outlet with the addition of a FreeMotion® cordless battery pack. Find out more.

(1) MOUT#810-STA Manual Armless Recliner
(1) MOUT#811LPH-STA Power Left Arm Facing Recliner
(1) MOUT#811RPH-STA Power Right Arm Facing Recliner
(1) MOUT#840T-STA Armless Chair with Drop Down Table
(1) MOUT#850-STA Corner Wedge
(1) MOUT#860-STA Entertainment Console