Decorating a room can be a lot of fun, and very often we end up concentrating on major decisions such as the furniture and wallpapers, however, the final touches are in the little details and are these precisely the ones that help us blend everything together to create harmony in our spaces.

If you are interested in learning how to tie up the entire look of a room, keep reading.

Focus on lighting

Adding a lamp or two that go well with the rest of the furniture and elements of the room can really make a difference. It won’t only work to illuminate, but to be a central focus on the room. Try to stick to just one type of lamp, maybe the chromes, colors, or even the shape, so balance can prevail.

Door hardwares

Yes, something that simple can really help to give that extra touch your room needs to define a style. Updating the door hardware so it can remain in harmony with other elements in the room is an easy and not so expensive way to lift up a space.

Decorative rugs

The right rug can be a huge help when it comes to put a room style together. Choose colors that bring harmony to the space and the correct materials for the type of room you are decorating keeping in mind the traffic in that area.


Little elements can turn the look of a room in a whole new direction. Pillows, mirrors, plants, art, don’t pull back and make it your own, let the accessories in the room reflect your personality while they mix with the other elements to form a great space. If you are in a block, don’t hesitate and look for inspiration, look for similar rooms and pick some ideas that fit your taste and the vibe you want to give your spaces, always keeping your eyes on the details.